Actor & Rapper Kaalan Walker Sentenced To 50 Years To Life In Prison After Raping Multiple

The man who had a film credit in the film Superfly was doomed to 50 times in captivity after violating several women. image source by google

The 27- time-old rapper was criminated on charges brought by three teenage girls and four women. County District Attorney’s office said that Walker had” three counts of coercive rape, two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of crapulous rape.”
The actor, who also has a TV credit in the In Contempt series, used social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to let his victims know that he has connections with people who can help him in his modeling career.
Walker’s pattern is to make false pledges and he has bought it.. each of these women made their own opinions freely,” defense attorney Andrew we will not let that be.”

Walker also appeared in the 2017 film lords and participated credits with Halle Berry and Daniel Craig.

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