Alabama Sen Tuberville equates descendants of enslaved people to criminals

Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., at a rally for former President Donald Trump on Saturday depicting a sharp reaction to selling a racist narrative that contrasted the descendants of enslaved individuals to criminals. image source by google

You need to manage what you’ve got. They need compensation because they think those who commit crimes are owed that,” Tuberville said.
In a press statement, NAACP President Derrick Johnson referred to Tuberville’s response as “racist, ignorant and outright sickening.”
“His phrases perpetuate centuries-old lies about black people, which have resulted in perhaps the most damaging policies and violent attacks on our neighborhoods during the historic past,” Johnson said.
Over the years, there has been increasing aid to supply compensation for black individuals whose ancestors have been enslaved as an approach to combat the lingering consequences of slavery.

Last spring, a move to review reparations for slavery was aided by more than 170 Democratic co-sponsors. A House Committee voted to advance the laws, but of course this has yet to be considered by a full House of Representatives.

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