Protesters Throw Soup On Van Gogh Painting In London

LONDON- Climate protesters threw haze at Vincent van Gogh’s” Sunflower” at London’s National Gallery on Friday to protest reactionary energy birth, but no damage was done to the glass- covered oil. image source by google

The group Just Stop oil painting, which wants the British government to stop new oil painting and gas systems, said activists threw two barrels of tomato haze at the oil painting oil, one of the Dutch artist’s most iconic workshop. Both the protesters fixed themselves to the gallery wall.
The haze splashed across the glass, covering the oil and its bejeweled frame.” There’s some minor damage to the frame but no damage to the oil,” the gallery said. It was gutted and returned to its place in the gallery on Friday autumn.

The work is one of several performances of” Sunflowers” that van Gogh painted in the late 1880s.

London’s Metropolitan Police said officers had arrested two people on dubitation
of felonious damage and serious trespass.

A group of protesters from the same group latterly gathered at Police Headquarters and walked in front of it, scattering unheroic on the” New Scotland Yard” sign. numerous people stuck themselves on the road, blocking the business.
Just Stop OilPainting has attracted attention and review for targeting vestiges in galleries. In July, Just Stop oil painting activists fixed themselves to the frames of Leonardo da Vinci’s” The Last Supper” at the Royal Academy of trades in London and John

Activists have also blocked islands and places across London during the two weeks of demurrers.
The surge of demonstrations comes as the British government opened a new licensing round for North Sea oil painting and gas disquisition, despite review from environmentalists and scientists who say the move

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