Jennifer Lopez’s social media accounts have gone dark

What is Jennifer Lopez approximately?

The starlet and also vocalist’s social media went dark on Tuesday as well as followers are trying to identify what it means.

Every one of the previous posts on her verified Instagram account have actually been deleted and there were no brand-new postings on her Facebook, Tik Tok and also Twitter accounts.

Lopez has near to 347 million fans in total, with the mass of those – 226 million – on Instagram. The photo on that account was missing Wednesday with just a black dot showing.

Such actions by a celeb typically come before some sort of significant news. Friday marks the 20th anniversary of her 3rd studio album “This Is Me … After that,” which she devoted to her then-beau (currently spouse) Ben Affleck.

The cd included the singles “Jenny from the Block,” “All I Have” and “Beloved Ben.”

Over on Twitter, where the last activity on her account was a retweet from the account of her forthcoming film “Shotgun Wedding,” costarring Josh Duhamel, there were some inquiries as well as a bit of enjoyment.

“Something big has to be occurring!,” one follower account tweeted.

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