Joni Mitchell’s death have been exaggerated

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Reviews of Joni Mitchell’s death have been exaggerated.

After a news report aired Friday morning — before it was increasingly unpublished — that the Rock and Roll Corridor of Famer had passed away, a representative clarified that Mitchell is very much alive.

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“I can verify that Joni is alive and well and that the personal report was not accurate,” a Rhino Leisure publicist told The Day-by-Day Information on Friday afternoon. The “Large Yellow Taxi” catalog division of Warner Music Group is the current home of the singer/songwriter’s prized catalog material.

The pre-written obituary that was printed contained editorial notes for details that had to be reconciled.

A nine-time Grammy Award winner, Michelle rose to fame as one of the prolific artists of the nineteen sixties and seventies. His deeply poetic and truly personal lyrics, along with his distinctive style of guitar parting, explored many musical genres including pop, rock and jazz.

where is joni mitchell from the Canadian-born legend of the Joni Mitchell’s age 78-year-old has kept a low profile after battling a brain aneurysm in 2015. She has since learned the easy ways to walk again and set a 13-song at the Newport Folk Competition in June. This was his first look after 1969.

“H Sides Now” Chantease was honored as the Musicians’ 12 Months Special at the Grammys in April

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