Monotonía: The New Shakira Music Video Is a Masterclass

Shakira and Ozuna have dropped a music videotape for their single about getting single. In June, Me Enamoré ” music videotape. In the videotape, this man literally shoots Shakira’s heart out of her casket. The tearful songster also picks the crippled organ off the ground and attempts to cover it from people who knock it out of her hands and step on it. Still, according to the lyrics of the song, she does n’t inescapably condemn her former nut for the split. “ It was n’t your fault, nor was it mine/ It was the humdrum’s fault, ” she sings in Spanish. “ I noway said anything, but it hurt me I knew this would be. ” image source by google

Shakira verified to Elle this month that the forthcoming release will include Spanish and English tracks across different stripes. “ I ’m really, really thrilled about not only the body of work that I’ve right now to partake with the people who are staying for it, ” she said,

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