The Jan. 6 committee votes unanimously to subpoena Trump

The House panel probing theJan. 6 attack closed its hail on Thursday by taking a vote on whether to subpoena former President Donald Trump to swear before them. image source by google

Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., read out the stir, describing Trump’s evidence as an obligation — given that further than 30 substantiations in the disquisition invoked the Fifth Amendment in answer to the commission’s questions about Trump, including crucial Trump abettors Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and John Eastman.
We’re obliged to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in stir,” she said.” And every American is entitled to those answers, so we can act now to cover our democracy.”
Presidential processes are not unknown, but commission members wonder if Trump will swear. Trump has dodged a process before in an unconnected case before this time. In April, a New York judge held Trump in disdain of court after he didn’t misbehave with a state attorney general’s civil process for documents as part of an disquisition into Trump’s business practices.

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